Chance in a Lifetime Book Review

Chance in a Lifetime by Jennifer Shenefield

Here’s the synopsis:

“He was her eyes, guiding her through the darkness and always at her side. She showed him the light of compassion, life, and love. The bond they shared together was beautiful and unbreakable.
Then one day, everything changed.

In only his third year as a guide dog, the world overturned for Chance. He came face-to-face with one of the most difficult struggles in life. His routine and his heart broken, Chance needs to find the strength and the will to move forward beyond the pain to what is next in life. He will journey to fulfill his destiny while discovering the rest of the human world and who he is in the process.

In his new phase of life, Chance is partnered with a special young boy named Ethan, who teaches him new levels of understanding, happiness, and strength. The way this new understanding shapes Chance enables this very unique dog to touch the lives of others around him in times of both joy and sorrow.

Everything is truly tested when what Chance loves and what he fears collide in a crucial decision—which must be made within a split second.

In Chance in a Lifetime, the story of a guide dog’s journey unravels through his own eyes, the same eyes that see for those who cannot see themselves. Through his unique perspective, readers discover the good in animals and people alike, and the beauty of the bonds between them.”

What I think about Chance in a Lifetime:

Chance in a Lifetime by Jennifer Shenefield is a doggone good book! When my family received it in the mail, my boys instantly started reading it. They couldn’t put it down. I had to tell them that we would read more the next day so that we could finish our school work.

The story is told through first person (well, first dog 😉) perspective. It begins with Chance telling about his experience as a puppy — so adorable! I’ve always loved dogs and this story shows what a dog would realistically be thinking. I have never been able to empathetically relate to an animal as much as this book allows me to do.

As Chance begins to grow, he discovers his purpose in life. He is training to become a service dog for those in need. He doesn’t quite understand the obstacles he goes through, but he learns to overcome them. He looks past his fear and conquers it!

For example, Chance is afraid of vehicles. In order to overcome that fear, he had to watch his brother get over his fear of going through a dark tunnel. Seeing his brother overcome his fear made Chance fired up to get over his fear.

That reminded me that we never know who’s being motivated and inspired by watching us go through our obstacles. We could possibly be the reason someone was able to muscle up the strength to get over their fear. If we keep pushing through, it could possibly help someone else push through too.

Chance meets some amazing characters that he will always remember. My favorite character that he meets is Hattie. She’s a ball of fun, love, and sweet memories. I’m glad that Chance had the experience of being her service dog.

Throughout Chance in a Lifetime, Chance learns some important lesson about life. Ultimately, he learns about love and his story taught me something about love too. It also helped me open up some deep conversations with my six year old. I enjoyed every second of using Chance’s story as an example for different conversations that it brought up with my boys.

A warm feeling melted over my heart and my mind. This, I perceived, was what truly matters in life— all of this that I had learned and experienced about love and family and kindness and togetherness. These are the things that make every rough turn, every difficulty, and every struggle worth it. That I now knew for certain. We all learn to adapt, we all learn to be strong, and we all can do anything with love.

—Chance in a Lifetime by Jennifer Shenefield

My star rating:

5/5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I highly recommend Chance in a Lifetime by Jennifer Shenefield to families everywhere. Especially animal lovers! We have two furbabies here at home and this book has brought me closer to them! It’s a book our whole family enjoyed together.

Where can I get this book?

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